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Professional Practice Membership Group

The Professional Practice Membership Group (PPMG) is responsible for enhancing and supporting the professionalism of case managers working with clients with brain injury and complex needs.

It is one of the longest running working groups (formerly known as the Professional Standards Group).

The group’s purpose & aims are to:

1. Champion best practice

  • Highlight best practice from within the membership
  • Provide best practice guidance
  • Provide a structure for CPD for BABICM members
  • Address queries relating to any aspect of brain injury and complex case management practice

2. Promote professional standards

  • Collaborate in working towards a national register of practising case managers under the Professional Standards Authority
  • Work collaboratively with other sub-groups of BABICM to ensure professionalism of case management practice
  • Review any information produced by BABICM relating to professional standards

3. Oversee membership of BABICM

  • Manage the process for achieving Advanced Membership
  • Review and monitor membership criteria
  • Respond to membership queries

Who we are

The group comprises of BABICM Advanced Registered Practitioner members from a range of companies, professional backgrounds and localities across the UK. We use our collective experience to provide guidance for professional practice, advanced membership assessments and to respond to any membership enquiries as they arise. The Advanced Practitioner Membership Assessors and the Membership Secretary also sit on within this group.


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Chair: Vic Leever

Advanced Membership Reviewers: Vic Leever, Nicola Simpson

Group members: Anna Watkiss Janine Heritage, Heidi Stanley,Tim Watson, Janice Ewart, Anita Pascoe

Our Work

The work undertaken by this group covers a broad range of professional practice including our Standards and Competencies, Code of Ethics, and a range of best practice guidance including:

Recent Contribution of PPMG (PSG)

  • BABICM Competency Framework, (2011)
  • Standards for case management practice, (2013)
  • Formulation and standardisation of Advanced Membership process for membership, (2013-2014)
  • Competency development tool for practice, (2014)
  • Revision of membership categories, (2014)
  • Review of CPD process (2014-2015)
  • Guidance notes for: Transfer/discharge of cases; Accepting referrals & CPD (2015)
  • Introduction of webinars for advanced membership process, (2015)
  • Production of Joint Case Management Framework with CMS UK and VRA, (2015)
  • Roles and responsibilities of a case manager, (2016)
  • Information on the Office of the Public Guardian (Scotland), (2017)
  • Guidance on commissioning of services, (2017)
  • Providing information about Case Management for Clients and Families, (2017)
  • Producing a guide for solicitors who want to know more about case management (2017)
  • Redrafting the BABICM Complaints Policy, (2017)
  • Drafting & updating full Joint Code of Ethics and Conduct with CMS UK and VRA, (2017-2018)
  • Creating a webinar for Advanced Membership Process to website – now available to all (2018)
  • Renewing BABICM’s mission statement and aims, (2018)
  • Guidance for case managers raising practice concerns regarding deputies/therapists and solicitors, (2018)
  • Reviewing possibilities for guidance for obtaining consent from clients without capacity, (in progress)
  • Drafting a leaflet on case management for Headway (2019)

Do you have a practice or membership query?

We welcome queries from the members, and although we cannot be directly prescriptive with our advice, we strive to offer guidance to any case managers or partners of BABICM. Recent enquiries have included questions about membership categories, levels of supervision for case managers, and the use of assistant case managers.

Please contact us for support or further information.

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