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A Fellowship may be awarded to those BABICM members who have made an outstanding contribution to BABICM, following a nomination  process.

An Honorary Fellowship is reserved for those BABICM members who have served a whole term as Chair within the organisation or have been awarded a Fellowship by Council for other outstanding contributions to BABICM.

Honorary Fellows have been awarded to the following members:

Anita Pascoe
Ben Needham-Holmes

Tim Watson
Anna Watkiss
Janine Heritage
Penny Haysom
Neil Brooks
Cathy Johnson
Jo Clark-Wilson
Jackie Parker
Jackie Dean
Carol Collins
Angela Kerr
Mark Holloway
Caroline Ferber
Pamela Bunting
Anita Pascoe
Ben Needham Holmes
Tim Watson

Nominations for 2025 will open early next year

BABICM Fellowship award process – June 2024


A Fellowship can be awarded to a member in recognition of exceptional service or outstanding contribution to BABICM, following a process of nomination and review by a fellowship committee and council.   In certain cases (such as a Chair who has served a full term) a member can be awarded an Honorary Fellowship by Council; without the need to go through the formal nomination process.


Nominees must:

  • Be a practitioner member of BABICM
  • Be nominated by a BABICM member (not themselves), with two supporters, who should not be from the same organisation.
  • Have made a consistent and outstanding contribution to brain injury and complex case management and the BABICM vision objectives, which may include; raising the profile of BABICM with a diverse range of variety of stakeholders, conducting research for the benefit of BABICM, influencing policy makers, contributing to educational pathways, positively impacting on the perception of BABICM as an inclusive and welcoming organisation or contributing significantly to the professionalisation of case management.
  • Be non-serving council members at the time of nomination.


  1. Nominations must be submitted by 31st December, the year before the BABICM AGM
  2. Nominator must complete the nomination form and submit statements from the two supporters.
  3. Nominators must be made without the nominee’s knowledge, in order to avoid disappointment if unsuccessful.
  4. Nominators can nominate only one candidate each year.
  5. The BABICM office will gather nominations and check content and membership.
  6. The Fellowship committee, selected at the council strategy day, will review nominations and make recommendations on Fellowship awards to council for the January council meeting, including rationale for their recommendations.
  7. Council will vote on recommendations for fellowship award (s)
  8. There will usually be a small number of Fellowships awarded each year, to be determined by Council.
  9. Council’s decision is final and correspondence will not be entered into regarding the process or decision made.
  10. Successful award nominees and chief nominator will be contacted by BABICM, to inform them of the outcome.
  11. Award recipients will be invited to attend the June AGM to receive their fellowship award- and be advised that they must maintain confidentiality until then.
  12. BABICM will maintain confidentiality regarding unsuccessful nominations.
  13. Fellowship (s) will be announced at the BABICM AGM and recipients awarded their certificate and award.


  • Recognition for exceptional service or outstanding contribution to brain injury and complex case management
  • Certificate of Fellowship
  • Commemorative Fellowship award
  • Name will be listed on the BABICM website, with other BABICM Fellows
  • Permission to use ‘BABICM Fellow’ on correspondence and resume
  • Award will be published in the BABICM bulletin after the awards are given

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