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Advanced Membership Review Assessment Bookings

Welcome to our Advanced Membership Review Assessments for those seeking BABICM Advanced Membership.

Below is the list of dates and availability for Advanced Membership Review Assessments in 2023

15th Mar Online Nicola Simpson & Sue Stoten Fully Booked
18th Mar Online Vic Leever & Jo Jones Fully Booked
15th  April Online Nicola Simpson & Andrew Patterson Fully Booked
26th  April Online Vic Leever & Sarah Lockwood Fully Booked
13th  May Online Nicola Simpson & Paula Foster Fully Booked
22th  May Online Vic Leever & Ella Cornforth Fully Booked
10th  June Online Vic Leever & Emma Grant Fully Booked
17th  June Online Nicola Simpson & Amanda Knight Fully Booked
12th July Online Vic Leever & Shelley Prince Fully Booked
22nd July Online Nicola Simpson & Nicki Davis Fully Booked
19th Aug Online Nicola Simpson & Lynn Hancock Available
22nd Aug Online Vic Leever & TBC 1 Space Available
16th Sept Online Nicola Simpson & Trina Hardiman 1 Space Available
23rd Sept Online Vic Leever & Helen Brooks Available
14-Oct Online Nicola Simpson & Nikki Smith Available
25th Oct Online Vic Leever & Pippa Bird Available
11-Nov Online Nicola Simpson & Becky Cox Available
18th Nov Online Vic Leever & Rachel Dodwell Fully Booked
9th Dec Online Nicola Simpson & Nikki Hopkins Available
18th Dec Online Vic Leever & Viv Cooper Available
20th Jan  2025 Online Nicola Simpson & TBC Available
17th Feb  2025 Online Nicola Simpson & TBC Available

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For further information & to book your Advanced Membership Review Assessment, please contact us.

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