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PPMG Membership Criteria

The criteria to join the BABICM Professional Practice & Management Group (PPMG) is as follows, that candidates:

  1. Are advanced members of BABICM
  2. Are practicing case managers and/or hold a supervisory role of other case managers
  3. Have an interest in working on guidelines in professional practice
  4. Are not on another BABICM sub-group
  5. Are not working for the same organisation as another member of the group unless agreed by council.
  6. Have the capacity to attend PPMG meetings, (mainly by webex but x 1 a year in London) and complete work outside of the meetings as required. If unable to attend three consecutive meetings then required to step down from group.
  7. Are accountable to the chair of PPMG

The PPMG is:

  • Balanced in terms of CM experience and professional backgrounds
  • Chaired by a Council member who is accountable to Chair of BABCIM
  • Must have no more than three members of the BABICM council appointed to PPMG

Guidance on making a professional practice and /or PPMG membership enquiry

As part of the aims of PPMG to champion best practice, we welcome enquiries from BABICM members in relation to professional practice or relating to membership.

BABICM aims to deal with all enquiries as quickly as possible. Practice enquiries received by the office or the website, if relatively simple, will be addressed by the office.

If more specific practice guidance is required the enquiry is sent to the PPMG for their consideration. The PPMG will endeavour to respond as soon as possible. If it is not possible to collate a response by email they will do this at their next group meeting, which happen on average every two months.

BABICM makes every effort to minimise the length of time that a person waits for a response, however, it is important to note that, apart from the office, positions in BABICM are held by volunteers giving their own time and therefore additional meetings would not be scheduled to address enquiries.

Please contact us for support or further information.

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