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“We are delighted to have worked so closely with BABICM to produce this new resource, which we hope will be helpful to people affected by acquired brain injury.  

The complex nature of brain injury means that many brain injury survivors require specialist support from professionals with expert knowledge in this area and awareness of the various ways in which it can affect multiple domains of life. The challenges of living with a hidden disability are numerous and permeating, and it is often of immense benefit and relief to survivors and their families to have a single point of contact who can help them to navigate their new life.


For many, the employment of a case manager with expertise in handling brain injury cases as this single point of contact can make all the difference with navigating such complexities of life post-brain injury, such as arranging care and rehabilitation, identifying future prospects and coping with the emotional consequences of a life so thoroughly changed.


We at Headway aim to improve life after brain injury and are proud to have added this resource to our library of award-winning publications, all of which are available for free download from our website. While we recognise that not everyone has the funds to access a case manager due to outcomes and circumstances being so varied after brain injury, we hope that this new resource will enable brain injury survivors who are in a position to explore this option to understand how a case manager can support them, when a case manager can be accessed and how to select a case manager, all with an emphasis on case managers with specialist knowledge in brain injury.


Headway – the brain injury association is a UK registered charity that offers information and support to people affected by brain injury, through services such as their nurse-led helpline, network of support groups and branches, a Brain Injury Identity Card, an Emergency Fund, a Justice Programme, publications, training, among others. For more information, visit”

Tamsin Keyes, Publications and Research Manager at Headway