Case managers are familiar with the challenges that come with working with people who have suffered an acquired brain injury and the impact it has on them and their families. Yet there continues to be a lack of awareness of brain injury outside the industry. MP Chris Bryant, who was knighted in the New Year’s Honours list, has been instrumental in bringing ABI into focus, and his work has pushed the government into creating a strategy for ABI. With the details of the strategy due to be published in June, it makes this year’s Action for Brain Injury Week even more important.

Established by Headway in 2010, the annual event has become an important date in the calendar to raise awareness of the effects of acquired brain injury and to promote understanding and support for those affected by ABI. This year, Headway’s ‘Every 90 Seconds’ campaign will run as part of Action for Brain Injury Week from the 15th to the 21st of May. The campaign will put brain injury firmly in the spotlight and highlight how it can affect any one of us at any time.

Case managers are in a unique position to help educate others about these issues and to advocate for better support and services for people with ABI. This can also include highlighting the incredible work currently undertaken to improve rehabilitation and support services for people affected by ABI. This can include the medical and therapeutic interventions and the available help and support that can be accessed through local authorities and independent charities, such as Headway. In addition, it can highlight the vital support for families that need help navigating through the complex challenges they will face in the days, months and years ahead following the injury.

Sharing information about these services and highlighting the positive outcomes can help ensure that more people with ABI get the help and support they need to lead fulfilling and meaningful lives.

2023 Theme

The theme for 2023 is Every 90 Seconds, relating to Headway’s 2020 statistics that one person is admitted to hospital with an ABI every 90 seconds within the UK. Their study between 2019-20 uncovered startling statistics of an increase in hospital admissions by 12% since 2005/06.

977 admissions per day across the UK were related to brain injury. Of those, 433 were head injuries and 376 were diagnosed with stroke. The study also revealed that men were 1.5 times more likely to suffer a head injury than women, but the number of women admitted with ABI had risen by 28% since 2005.

Action for Brain Injury Week brings attention to how we spend each 90 seconds between one person and the next being admitted into hospital. For example, by the time you’ve finished reading this article, at least one person will have been admitted. Another life is about to dramatically change and another family is set to receive devastating news on their loved one.

The campaign’s three main aims are:

  • To raise awareness and understanding of acquired brain injury.
  • To give a platform and voice to brain injury survivors, allowing them to share their stories.
  • To encourage support for Headway through donations, volunteering and sharing our message.

Colin Morris, Director of Communications at Headway UK, said: “Every 90 seconds, someone in the UK is admitted to hospital with a brain injury – It’s a startling statistic that I’m sure will stop many of us in our tracks.

“People tend to think that bad things only happen to other people, but the reality is, brain injuries can impact any one of us at any time – and it only takes a second for someone’s life to be changed forever. 

“During the campaign, we hope people will learn more about brain injury through the powerful stories we will share from brain injury survivors. We want people to see how they can support our work to rebuild meaningful lives by considering donating their time volunteering with Headway or by simply sharing our message.”

Get Involved

There are many ways for case managers and case management companies to get involved with Headway’s Action for Brian Injury Week. Donations can be made to Headway or volunteering for a local group to raise more awareness of brain injury and the services Headway offers.

Hats For Headway

Hats For Headway takes place on Friday 19th May and this year, Headway would love to see you take part in their 3-hat challenge. The rules are simple:

  1. Share a selfie in your favourite hat using the hashtags #HatsForHeadwayand #3HatChallenge
    2. Text HATS to 70580 to donate £3
    3. Nominate 3 friends!

Take a Challenge

Fancy something more strenuous? How about taking on a Headway challenge and raising funds in the process? Click here to see what’s available in your local area.

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