Welcome to the BABICM Council Update for May 2020


All previously advertised events have either been cancelled or postponed until later this year.  The programme for the BABICM Annual Conference 2020 is to be transferred across to the 2021 conference.  The AGM is still to take place at 2pm on the 10th June via video conference.

The Institute of Registered Case Managers have produced guidance for the memberships of BABICM, CMSUK and VRA. These were distributed on Friday 22nd May 2020 and are also available on the BABICM website.

Membership Report

We were able to report that we have over 837 members of BABICM. Tim Watson is to step down as Membership Secretary and Anita Pascoe is to be appointed following this year’s AGM.

Training Events Group

A new set of online events has been introduced this month to help guide the members through the pandemic offering advice from different experts. These bitesize webinars are offered free to BABICM members and each session will focus on a specific topic relating to guidance during the Covid-19 situation, giving the option to also discuss topics with the speaker at the end of each one.

Professional Practice & Membership Group

All Advanced Membership Assessments have been postponed until September 2020 and candidates have been contacted with alternative future dates. More dates for 2021 will be announced shortly.  PPMG are to recruit a 3rd paid assessor by August 2020.

PPMG are to produce a new guidance document for members on the subject of ‘What does good practice look like’?


Ben Needham-Holmes is to step down from BABICM Council following this years AGM but will continue to contribute to the BABICM Research group.

The research specific training day orginally scheduled for September 2020 has been postponed until 2021 (date tbc).

A Post COVID-19 study is to be put together in June ready for MSC students in September 2020.  This study will form part of the research segment at the BABICM Annual conference 2021.

Children and Young Peoples Group

Council have asked the group to provide a safeguarding update for each Council meeting, advising on changes in legislation etc.


The IRCMSG is made up of the following working groups in preparation for the launch of the IRCM:

  • Business group – made up of the Chairs of BABICM, CMSUK and VRA.
  • Communications group – Social Media, marketing, PR and website.
  • Education group – Training etc
  • Standards group – Review standards (technical, ethical and business) that Registered Case Managers are required to meet in accordance with the PSA.

Summer Conference Group

The programme from 2020 will be transferred to 2021 with additional breakout sessions. BABICM will also be looking to include an area of the conference where clients will be invited to celebrate their creativity either in person or with photographs, videos etc. Interested parties should make contact with the BABICM office.

Treasurers report

A final VAT assessment has now been completed and VAT return submitted, reserves for 2019-2020 have increased by £45K.

Louise Chance is to replace Andrew Rose as Treasurer following this year’s AGM.

BABICM Office (Administration Matters)

Janette Mason is to be appointed as Director of Operations following this year’s AGM.

A first draft of the history of BABICM has been produced and is to be launched at the BABICM Annual Conference 2021 as part of the 25 year celebrations.

New BABICM members will shortly be given the option to receive a membership pack in either a paper or digital format (to be selected upon joining), these will contain information about the benefits of membership and information from the Chair and sub groups.

Volunteer agreements are to be put in place for BABICM members who volunteer to be part of BABICM Council or on a sub group.

BABICM members who have made a significant contribution within BABICM will be awarded an honorary membership as a Fellow member.  The criteria for the Fellows is to be finalised and announced shortly.

Q&A Sessions are to continue each month with Louise Chance and Ella Cornforth also joining the list of experts on the BABICM panel.

The two day Strategic planning meeting is to go ahead virtually on the 21st and 22nd September 2020.

Any Other Business

The next meeting of Council will be arranged by video conference on the 2nd July 2020.