If you haven’t yet booked for our Annual Conference: Crisis, What Crisis? Spotting, Avoiding and Managing, held on the 25th and 26th of June then BE QUICK; our Earlybird member rates end on the 26th April 2019!

Why Attend? 

This year’s Annual Conference, hosted at the stunning Vox Conference Centre, Birmingham, is focused on your professional development. Our exclusive sessionsand expert speakers will help you and your team manage complex problems; to help you be alert to the difficulties in working with brain injured clients and those around you so that you avoid unpredictable or new crises.

The BABICM Annual Conference is the ONLY event designed with brain injury and complex case management in mind – as well as offering a holistic view of the industry and the expertise of those we work alongside.

It is a real honour to have secured our keynote speaker for Day One, Her Honour Judge Hilder, the new Senior Judge to the Court of Protection.

HHJ Hilder is extremely busy so we are highly fortunate to have secured her time. We are also delighted to offer delegates a unique opportunity to pose a question for HHJ Hilder to respond to on the day. Contact us by Friday 12th April if you have a question for HHJ Hilder to include in her keynote session.

The Court of Protection works hard to protect those who do not have the capacity to deal with their finances – including our clients. The department also appoints and manages the deputies and trustees that we work with as case managers. HHJ Hilder will outline some of the key issues in Court of Protection management that directly affect our clients and our practice.

The BABICM Annual Conference 2019 will also offer:
  • Practical advice and shared experiences, covering the difficult issues we face day-to-day.
  • Essential lessons on death and dying: what happens when a client, family member or case manager dies? How does that affect us financially, personal and emotionally? 
  • Support to manage clients whose circumstances are ‘a bit woolly’, for example: driving illegally, hiding where they are living, presenting or believing that they have more problems than they really have. What are our legal obligations?
  • Critical support on GDPR: are we at risk through GDPR? What are those risks? What do we do to protect ourselves from a possible ICO complaint?
  • Unique new workshops, including: ‘slapping the rat’: a session that aims to help you manage support workers and all the problems that may arise (from using clients’ money, drug abuse with clients, watching pornographic movies with them, errors in time sheets, and failure to turn up for shifts, to leaving clients unattended, etc).
  • Support on establishing behaviour management programmes in the community.
  • BABICM’s successes and growth in 2018/2019 via our AGM report, including an update on our work with the CQC.
  • NEW SESSION! Our greatest thanks to Rocio De La Cruz, Gowling WLG (UK) LLP, who will offer delegates a specialist talk on the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) on day two.

Our Headline Sponsors

Our greatest thanks to Irwin Mitchell Solicitors, our Day One Headline sponsor and to Active Assistance, our Day Two Headline sponsor. We are incredibly grateful for their ongoing support of our annual event. A few remaining sponsorship opportunities remain, read on for details!

Best Practice Poster Submissions

Finally, please don’t forget to submit your Best Practice Poster Presentations! Each year, at our headline Annual Conference, we hold a presentation of posters submitted by practitioners that highlight good practice in the field of brain injury case management and complex care.

We will showcase posters that meet our criteria at our Annual Conference 2019 in June, during a special Poster Presentation event. DEADLINE for entries is Friday 19th April 2019. Click here for entry information and guidelines.