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Children & Young People Group

The Children and Young People Group (CYPG) recognises the issues that are specific to clients in this age group who have suffered brain injuries and/or have complex care needs. The group’s remit is to provide information and support to BABICM members, enhancing the professionalism of case managers working with clients in this area.

The group’s purposes and aims are:

To provide advice and signpost to CYP resources for clients, families, and professionals

To highlight the specialism of children and young people’s case management

To represent and promote children and young people’s issues within the BABICM training group

To support BABICM to deliver education/training/information to children and young people with brain injury and complex conditions in an accessible format.

To represent and promote children and young people’s interests in the BABICM Research Group

To support BABICM Professional Practice and Membership Group to produce best practice guidelines and professional standards relevant to children and young people’s case management.

Membership criteria:

Members need to –

Be actively working with children and/or young people.

Have experience and a skill set in working with children and/or young people.

Not be on another BABICM subgroup.

Not be working for the same organisation as another member of the group unless agreed by Council.

Have the capacity to attend CYPG meetings (3 by Zoom plus x 1 a year in London) and complete work outside of the meetings as required. If unable to attend three consecutive meetings then required to step down from group.

Be accountable to the chair of CYPG.


Is balanced in terms of CM experience and professional backgrounds.

Is chaired by a Council member who is accountable to Chair of BABCIM.

Has a maximum of 2 members who need not be case managers.

Who we are:

The group comprises BABICM members from a number of organisations, professional backgrounds and localities across the UK. We have a range of experience and come from both large companies and individual practices. We liaise with the other BABICM groups to ensure that issues relating specifically to CYP are considered and included in the work being undertaken by them.

Chair: Penny Haysom

Click to meet our CYPG members: Gillian Conradie, Toby Beck, Helen Mardon, Vicky Moss, Mary Gilman, Sheila Aitken, Emily de Vulder, Darryl Mcmullon and Angela Simcox.

In our role of supporting best practice in relation to CYP, we welcome enquiries from BABICM members working in this area. We are happy to hear from any members with suggestions of topics for training or projects related to children and young people with complex care needs and/ or brain injuries, that would benefit from input from the group.

If you have any questions or would like to participate, please send an email to the chair here.

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