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BABICM Annual Conference 2024 Poster Competition Guidelines

BABICM will be presenting their annual conference entitled ‘Great Expectations: Spotlight on Clinical Excellence” on 18th and 19th June 2024 at the Coventry Building Society Arena, Coventry.   As part of this conference, we are again calling for poster presentations to highlight good practice in the field of brain & complex injury rehabilitation, case management and care. Please find below guidelines for completing the poster presentation and timeframes for the completion of each stage. Please note that these timeframes will be strictly adhered to unless otherwise stated via the BABICM office.

This year we are continuing to move digitally, and posters can be presented electronically or as hard copies to be displayed at the conference.

Each poster will be entered and judged in the categories of Academic or Non-Academic. The winning entry for best Academic poster will be invited to present their research at the BABICM Annual Conference 2025. A cash prize will be awarded to the winning Non-Academic poster. In the event of a tie, the prize money will be shared.  Poster entries will be judged by a selected panel of experts.

Please watch the video on the BABICM website for advice on the development of a good poster. Case studies and poster presentations – top tips from research academics



Stage One – Completion of abstract of poster presentation.

Deadline: Monday 4th March 2024

Theme of Poster Presentation: Good practice within brain & complex injury or rehabilitation, case management and care.

We have purposefully kept the theme broad to attract a wide variety of poster presentations. Give the theme of the conference, however, preference, but not exclusivity, will be given to posters addressing work with families, and also complexity in practice.   It is important to note that there is an expectation that the posters are of a high professional standard, with reference to the supporting literature to enhance your discussions/conclusion (please refer to ‘Areas to be Covered’ section for details on the expected content of the abstract).

It is important to note that the purpose of the poster presentations are to develop/discuss best practice within the field of brain injury. These are not to be used as promotional material for a company, organisation or institution.  Although it is acknowledged that the poster will indirectly advertise the support of your workplace, any abstracts/posters which are found to be primarily promotional in nature will not be considered/included in the conference.

Areas to be covered: Within the abstract the author(s) needs to have considered the following areas where applicable:

  1. Purpose/relevance of the topic to the theme.
  2. Methodology (including data collection techniques).
  3. Results/conclusion (making reference to the impact on professional practice, strengths and limitations).
  4. References/acknowledgements (if required).

N.B. References should be presented using the Vancouver (Numeric) style. Please use the following link for an example as to how this is presented:

Please include the title of the poster and the author(s) name(s) in bold at the top of the page.


Reference Link:

Source: Referencing guidelines via

Submission: Please send abstract submissions by the deadline as identified above to the BABICM office using the following email address:



Please ensure that you put ‘BABICM conference poster submission’ as the subject heading with contact details for the author(s) (email and telephone contact) and category in which the poster is to be judged (Academic or Non Academic).


Please note that we will only take abstracts via email. No other form of submission will be accepted.


Queries: Any queries in relation to the abstracts should be directed to Janette Mason (BABICM Director of Operations) via the email below. Please ensure that you provide a contact telephone number should this be required.




Stage Two – Panel review of abstract submissions.

Timeframe: 4th March 2024 – 18th March 2024

N.B. You will be informed if your abstract has been accepted week commencing:  18th March 2024


The abstracts will be reviewed by the BABICM research sub-group during the timeframe above. We will be looking that the author(s) have provided the required details as identified in the ‘Areas to be covered’ section of stage one and that the area being addressed falls within the theme of ‘Brain injury rehabilitation, case management and care’.


During the review process, you may be contacted to amend and re-submit your abstract, should the panel feel this is required. Please note that you will be provided with a timeframe for the amendments to be completed by at the time of contact.  The Research Group are happy to provide support/mentorship at any stage in this process.  Whilst professional rigour and academic critique may form part of this support, essentially, we want to support and encourage you all to write!


Stage Three – Completion of the poster presentation.

If your abstract has been accepted, you will be required to complete your poster using the following guidelines and submit it by 17th May 2024:


Size:  Please complete your poster by inputting on to a Powerpoint slide (Standard 4:3) To check the slide size go to Design->Slide Size -> (standard 4:3).



Size: A1 size

Format: The poster should catch the reader’s attention and should be on a suitably strong background to ensure that it remains of a professional standard after it has been transported. We have provided a link below for a company that produce foldable fabric posters. This may be an option to consider as they are easier to transport and there is less chance of the poster being damaged in transit.

Layout: The poster should be presented in a clear and concise manner, with consideration being given to the font size and type. It will also be important to consider how the material is displayed, so that the reader is clear on the poster’s message.


Content: Whilst it will be at the discretion of the author(s) as to the content of their presentation, there are a number of factors which need to be considered/included to ensure that your poster is of a professional standard.

  1. Title
  2. Author(s) name, designation and institution
  3. Introduction – provide an overview of your poster’s theme and reasoning for why this was chosen.
  4. Aims and objectives
  5. Main body – this will include your methodology, conclusions, discussions and any recommendations that can be drawn. It will also be important to comment on how this is applicable to practice within the brain injury field, with a comment on strengths and limitations.
  6. References – please see above for details on the referencing system that needs to be used.
  7. Acknowledgements (if required)


Attendance at the BABICM conference: The posters will be presented over both days of the conference.  Whilst you may provide details on your poster for people to contact you, we also hope that you will consider attending the conference to answer any questions that delegates may have, and in order for them to seek you out following viewing of your videos.  You may consider producing A4 copies of your poster for people to take away, and please bring these with you if you wish to do so.

Places can be booked for the conference, by following the link:

We hope to see you there and look forward to your submissions!

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