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BABICM Advanced Application Appeals Process

BABICM advanced membership- appeals process

This process is designed to ensure quality, consistency, accuracy, and fairness in assessment.  Advanced membership is awarded to those registered practitioner members who demonstrate they are working at level 3 across all 7 competencies at the time of their assessment.

An appeal can only be lodged on one of the following grounds:

  1. That the assessment criteria were improperly applied.
  2. That due process in the assessment of an application was not followed.

 3.The determination was wrong in that insufficient weight was given to, or incorrect conclusions were made from the candidate’s evidence.

The onus is upon the appellant to demonstrate why they believe that one of the above grounds was met.

A candidate cannot appeal against the decision of the assessors based solely on the outcome of the assessment; disagreeing with the decision is not sufficient grounds for an appeal.

Stage 1: Request for reconsideration:

  • Appeals must be made in writing (an appeal statement) to the BABICM office via  no later than 4 weeks from receiving the decision following the advanced membership assessment.    
  • The appeal statement must set out the grounds for appeal, cross referenced to the evidence already provided. 
  • Do not submit new evidence at this stage as it cannot be considered.
  • The BABICM office will confirm receipt of the appeal within 5 working days. 

Stage 2: BABICM  reviews  grounds for request:

  • The appeal statement will be considered by representatives of the PPMG group within four weeks after receiving the appeal. 
  • The PPMG group is made up of 8 members who are all advanced registered practitioner BABICM members. Consideration of the request will be completed by at least two members of the group, who were not involved in the assessment and have no conflict of interest.  
  • The group will consider whether there are grounds for reconsideration.

Stage 3: BABICM response to appellant

  • A response to the appellant will state whether or not the grounds for reconsideration have been met and will be sent in writing within 10 working days of the review.
  • When the grounds for reconsideration have not been met, advanced assessment decision is upheld. The applicant may reapply when they have gained the relevant experience to evidence the required competency level.  BABICM suggests a minimum of 6-12 months.

·       When the grounds for reconsideration have been met the appellant will be entitled to another assessment with  different assessors, within 3 months, using the same evidence and at no cost to them.


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Revised April 2024

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