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BABICM Advanced Application Appeals Policy

BABICM is committed to ensuring that this policy is designed to promote quality, consistency, accuracy and fairness in assessment and thus, awarding advanced membership.

The appeal will be conducted by members who have relevant knowledge and understanding, and who have been trained in the process.

The consistency of the appeal will be maintained by internal moderation and standardisation.


  • This policy will be made available to BABICM members on the website.
  • The policy will be annually reviewed by the professional standards group
  • The BABICM office will record all appeals and the subsequent decisions.
  • Appeals must be made in writing to the BABICM office.
  • A copy of the appeal and the decision will be sent to the candidate writing in ten working days of the final decision. Procedure
  • Appeals must be made in writing to the BABICM Office.
  • All supporting evidence should be included with the appeals notice.
  • Appeals must be made no later than four weeks after the date of the notification of the peer review decision.
  • The enquiry into the internal process and decision will be considered by a professional sub group of the PPMG consisting of at least three people; at least two of which have not been involved in the individuals peer review process.
  • If a case manager intends to send any additional written materials for the appeal, this material will distributed to this professional group in advance of the final decision.


The appeal will be considered at the next PPMG meeting of which there are four-five per year.

The result of the appeal can be:

  • Affirmed: When there is no change in the decision
  • Reversed: When the decision is overturned and advanced membership is made
  • Remanded: When the case manager is invited back for a second review at no cost to them. Where they are invited to another review they will have a choice of dates as at the original review to ensure there is no conflict in regards to the members carrying out the review.


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