Jacqueline Webb & Co is the UK’s most trusted rehabilitation cost consultancy with over 35 years of experience. We take pride in our reputation for producing high quality reports from our team of excellent clinicians – many of whom are Case Managers. Our sole focus is producing rehabilitation cost reports and we know from years of experience how best to train and support our experts in all aspects of our medico-legal work.

As a Case Manager you will already be familiar with the practicalities of the role that our experts carry out but it may help to outline the position so you can see how well the skills and experience complement one another. Our Jacqueline Webb Care Experts complete a functional assessment of a client following a significant injury resulting in a clinical negligence or personal injury claim. They then produce a cost report covering the lifelong needs of the claimant. This report includes a forecast of the claimant’s care needs, as well as any equipment and housing adaptations required. This report quantifying the cost of the claimant’s needs will help the court decide on the amount of compensation to be paid to the claimant.

The benefit of flexible working allows many clinicians to explore other areas of professional advancement and so the Care Expert role is fast becoming a more feasible option to supplement case management. Nevertheless, there are still some common misconceptions that hold back many clinicians from enquiring about care expert work. This list is by no means exhaustive but depicts common reasons why clinicians refrain from enquiring:

‘I don’t think I’d have enough time to do all the work’

All you need to do our care expert work is approximately 10 hours per week. This is best spread over 3-4 days rather than 1 day. Our experts find that the flexibility of our work allows them to balance their current workload and work around all of life’s other commitments.

‘How regular is the work?’

Very regular. Although our experts are self-employed, we feel an obligation to ensure our experts are kept as busy as we agree is appropriate. Most of our experts are booked up to 3-6 months in advance, with a well- planned, consistent work load.

‘Writing those huge reports!’

As a Case Manager you will be familiar with writing INA’s and these have similarities to our care expert reports. Our experts have access to medical and prognosis reports that help them understand how a catastrophic injury progresses medically over the life of the claimant.

‘Fear of standing up in court’

Very few cases actually go to court. In fact, as little as 2%. In the unlikely case that your case reaches court we will be here to fully support you every step of the way.

The bar is so high; I could never be an expert’

Why don’t you find out if you could be? Medico-legal work is an opportunity to utilise your experience in a way no other avenue can offer and we encourage you to find out more before ruling yourself out.

Like to learn more?

There are core requirements relating to clinical experience and work capacity and if you feel that you meet these criteria then you should enquire for more information. Jacqueline Webb & Co has developed some online tools to boost your understanding of expert work prior to applying. We also have two highly experienced experts discussing the work in detail in video interviews on our website: https://www.jwebbexperts.co.uk/learning-library/

Ready to join us?

Any selection process should be collaborative and pragmatic and will qualify your expertise and educate you about the role. If you are not successful, further focused Continuous Professional Development will often be advised. With such a demand for high calibre experts, we are seeking more experts with specialisms in head, spinal and orthopaedic injury.

Expert witness work can be very rewarding both financially and professionally, so if we have inspired you to enquire, please register your details via our website: https://www.jwebbexperts.co.uk/contact/ or contact Aaron McGonigle, Talent Acquisition Manager, for a confidential discussion on 01722 342512 or email recruitment@jwebb.co.uk