Welcome to the BABICM Council Update for March 2020


All BABICM events are currently being reviewed and we are working with our venues to find the best solution possible.  If events are cancelled or postponed all parties will be informed of the changes as soon as possible.

BABICM Chair Angela Kerr will send out regular communication to our members keeping them informed of the latest updates available to us providing helpful information to our members.

The BABICM Forum will also feature a new page where BABICM and its members can offer support, tips and guidance to other members in how to manage during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Membership Report

We were able to report that we have over 840 members of BABICM which is an increase of 107 new members in the last 12 months.

Training Events Group

The next event Conundrums of Case Management: Navigating the Ethical Challenges is to be postponed until 1st December 2020.  The New and Would Be event on the 10th November 2020 is also to be moved from Bristol to Milton Keynes to allow ease of travel for more members to be able to attend.

The group are to look at producing short webinars for the members only area of the website based on feedback from previous BABICM events.

Future events may also look to be recorded and used on our website at a small cost for those who are unable to attend events.

Professional Practice & Membership Group

Advanced Membership Assessments currently booked up to September 2020 are to be postponed.  These postponed bookings will be given priority to re-book once new dates are announced in 2021, we will also begin a waiting list should members be looking to take their Advanced Membership Assessment next year.

Children and Young Peoples Group

The group are looking to recruit a further  member and will be looking to recruit in the near future. They will meet 3 times a year by video conference and once face to face. The aims and criteria of the group are to be added to the sub-group page.

The group have been asked to provide some guidance for BABICM members on why working with children is different to working with adults.


Angela Kerr has now taken up the position of Chair of the Institute of Case Managers. To meet the PSA criteria the group has been split into two main groups, one to look at the standards and education and the other to look at the business of the organisation and communication.

The launch of the Institute is now likely to take place in 2021 or 2022.

Treasurers report

BABICM have changed their company accountants and are currently being guided through the VAT registration process. The full year end reports will be available on the website once finalised.

BABICM Office (Administration Matters)

The recruitment of a 3rd paid Advanced Membership Assessor has been postponed until September 2020.  For all  bookings after the 30th September, the cancellation policy for Advanced Membership Assessments will be amended to 50% refund given if cancelled 30 days prior, after this time no refunds will be given.

BABICM are to look at exhibiting and marketing at NHS events in the future, specific events are yet to be confirmed.

Contract agreements for voluntary BABICM Council Members and Subgroups are to be drafted outlining the commitment agreement between themselves and BABICM.

Following the communication for nominations for BABICM Council, the role descriptions for BABICM Chair, Treasurer and Membership secretary were all distributed to the group for feedback.

Guides for Solicitors and Clients and Families have now been published on the website.

Any Other Business

The next meeting of Council will also be arranged by video conference on the 21st May.