Webinar Launch – ‘Why do Case Managers become successful Care Experts?’:

The role of a Case Manager is diverse due to the varying contact with other therapy clinicians, legal professionals, architects, Expert Witnesses, medical consultants; the list goes on. It is a demanding, hands-on role which sits very well alongside the more report-based and predictable Expert Witness work.

Our experience has shown us that knowledge of care package implementation, combined with knowledge of equipment provision and a focus on promoting independence, is hugely beneficial in costing future care and rehabilitation needs. This knowledge is highly transferrable to the Expert Witness field, and we are in no doubt Case Managers often make the best Care Experts.

Join us on Tuesday 29 October at 8.00pm for a unique webinar experience, titled ‘Why do Case Managers become successful Care Experts?’. This is perfect for active and would-be Case Managers wanting to explore the relationship between Case Management and Care Expert work further. We will examine the benefits of having Case Management experience when transitioning to Care Expert work, and on the flip side, we will outline how Care Expert work fine tunes skills that will further enhance the expertise used daily as a Case Manager.

Nearly 50% of our Care Expert team are Case Managers in their day job. So, we are in a good position to expand on the above; outline why we feel the two roles go ‘hand in hand’ and why it is important Case Managers understand the Care Expert role.

The session will be hosted by Case Manager and Jacqueline Webb Care Expert Lisa Barnes, and Simon Dickinson, Recruitment Manager at Jacqueline Webb. Both are in a position to provide significant input into what will be an interactive and enlightening session.

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About us:

Jacqueline Webb & Co is Britain’s leading Rehabilitation Cost Consultancy, with over 30 years’ experience in providing expert care and equipment cost analyses for personal injury and clinical negligence claims, working with both claimant and defendant solicitors.  Our sole purpose is to provide first class reports and expert services to the court, specific to each individual case.

Our nationally based team of independent professional Experts produce close to 1000 Reports each year; mainly in relation to injuries of a catastrophic nature. Highly trained, our Experts are clinically current in areas such as head, spinal, birth and orthopaedic injury – many of whom are Case Managers.

About Lisa Barnes:


Lisa is a Specialist Nurse and Case Manager for clients with complex conditions including brain injury and chronic conditions such as mesothelioma.  In this role she co-ordinates and liaises with appropriate health professionals and care teams to identify a client’s total care needs and she arranges appropriate care, equipment and adaptations to support their independent living.