We have been informed by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) that its topic engagement exercise for the NICE decision-making and mental capacity quality standard, will run from the 5th July 2019 to the 19th July 2019.

When topic engagement begins, NICE will publish an overview describing core elements of the quality standard, such as the population and condition or services to be covered, and list the key source guidance that will be used to underpin the quality statements.

NICE request submissions to:

  • identify five key areas for quality improvement
  • highlight any national or routine indicators and performance measures not listed in the overview
  • provide examples of published information on current practice (such as, reports of variation in care or service provision, evaluations of compliance with source guidance, or patient, carer or service user experience) to support the identified areas for quality improvement
  • express an interest in being a supporting organisation.

Registered stakeholders will be notified on the day the topic engagement opens with instructions on how to submit comments.

For further information on the quality standard or the quality standards programme in general please see the links below:

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Register as a stakeholder

NICE encourages you to register as a stakeholder. Comments received from non-registered organisations and individuals are not summarised in the briefing paper presented to the committee but are included as an appendix. These comments are not made available on the NICE website. However, if they result in changes to the quality standard this is recorded in the committee meeting minutes.