Welcome to our new feedback section where we will provide you with updates from BABICM Council and our sub groups.  This will be a regular feature in the monthly Bulletin where you as members can see how the membership works for you.

A meeting was held in London on the 14th March 2019 involving BABICM Council members.


BABICM was recently approached by a leading brain injury charity which was interested in becoming members. We feel it’s important to support charities and have them join the powerful BABICM network. A new charity rate was agreed by Council which offers the same benefits as our Corporate Associate membership at a heavily discounted rate. Since the meeting the Charity Associate rate has now been introduced.

Training & Events Group

All events for 2019 have now been booked and are advertised here. Provisional dates for our annual New and Would Be and Beyond Beginnings workshops for 2020 have been proposed and will be released shortly.  Both events will be held in Birmingham. A pool of facilitators has been created to host these events (based on past TEG members). We would love to hear from any members who would also like to be involved in facilitating in the future.

Professional Practice & Membership Group

A ‘spotlight on best practice feature’ has been organised and will be recorded at this year’s Annual Conference. The video will feature past and present BABICM chairs and will be available to view on the website, shortly after the conference.

Research Group

Our Research Group is currently reviewing Best Practice Posters that have been submitted for the Annual Conference.

Quality Case Management Group

This group is working in collaboration with CMSUK and VRA to look at the feasibility of case managers becoming registered and the creation of a regulatory body to regulate the practice of registered case managers. This work is on-going.

In the meantime, our Chair, Angela Kerr, is currently in talks with Andy Brown (the CQC Registrations Advisor) to establish whether case managers will be required to register under specific regulatory activity with the Commission. This will be announced on the website and at our Annual Conference.

Special Interest Groups

BABICM will introduce two new special interest subjects into our SIG groups. In 2018, the membership was asked which – if any – special interest groups they would like to be involved in. The survey responses determined that the membership would like to see a CQC and Advanced Peer membership support group introduced. These new groups are currently being co-ordinated and communicated out to interested parties.

BABICM Office (Administration Matters)

We are changing the Earlybird discounts deadlines for new events. Earlybird discounts will now run for the first six weeks (on commencement of advertising) to ensure we can cover costs of holding the event.  

The BABICM office will be looking for targeted opportunities to raise the profile of the organisation at relevant industry events in 2020. We are creating a new exhibition stand and are in the process of researching the most beneficial events to attend.

BABICM’s Annual Conference 2020 will be held in June in the Midlands area and the Council has already begun brainstorming content and titles.

It was agreed that Advanced Peer Review assessments could be spread across three locations in the UK in the future. These will be in the North, the Midlands and the South to ensure maximum benefit and convenience for all attending.

We are looking to connect with Headway to celebrate it’s 40th anniversary this year and also promote Action for Brain Injury week on the 20th – 26th May (Hats for Headway). Are you getting involved? Let us know by tagging BABICM in your Twitter posts!

BABICM has secured a regular slot in the NR Times publication, contributing to articles and helping to promote all of our events and membership opportunities. You can see the latest coverage on our news page.