The Royal Bucks is fully equipped to support patients with complex respiratory needs. It has significant experience in managing patients with tracheostomies and patients who require invasive or non-invasive mechanical ventilation.

Its specialist nurses support individuals with all aspects of respiratory management but also other key areas such as nutrition and hydration, as well as postural management, maintaining skin integrity and communication.

The Royal Bucks has recently started working with a young patient who sustained a spinal cord injury as a result of a road traffic accident. The patient is unable to breath independently, requires full support for all aspects of care, receives nutrition and hydration via a PEG and has very limited communication.

On admission to The Royal Bucks, the team identified a range of key goals which were focused around improving quality of life. A key focus has been on communication, utilising technology to enable the patient to communicate but also looking at the possibility of her re-gaining the ability to talk.

In a very short period of time there have been some extremely positive gains for the patient. With such a wide range of complex requirements, operating as an interdisciplinary team and working holistically has never been more important. The Royal Bucks’ integrated team of medical, therapy, nursing and care staff has resulted in a seamless admission, assessment and goal orientated treatment plan.

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