Technology-assisted interventions are now becoming increasingly important in dealing with the complex post-injury needs of brain injury clients. In particular, in the linked areas of health and wellbeing, technology is enabling clinicians to prescribe and monitor therapies for clients to exercise and benefit at home, as Cyclone Mobility reports.

Improved health and wellbeing

Home exercise is active therapy that has been shown to bring improvements to health and wellbeing in the following areas:

  • Health improvements – cardiovascular, circulation, metabolic, neurological, bone density
  • Wellbeing benefits – psychological, depression, quality of life, independence

All of which are a key-part of any post injury rehabilitation programme.

Rehabilitation, fitness and mobility solutions

Cyclone Mobility is ideally placed to help your clients take advantage of technology-based interventions. We aim to bring the best products from the best companies around the world, making them available to people in the UK, as well as having a diverse team of healthcare professionals and individuals living with disability on hand to provide informed advice.

This allows us to offer a comprehensive portfolio of home-use rehabilitation, fitness and mobility solutions that covers:

Our expert team is here to improve the lives of brain injured people across the UK, with solutions we would only be happy prescribing and using ourselves.

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