Vicki Gilman


I qualified in 1988 as a physiotherapist from King’s College, London, specialised in neurology and got bitten by the ABI ‘bug’ initially in a military hospital where team-working was excellent and very positive outcomes were achieved.  I then gained experience setting up 3 community teams in the NHS and independent sector and working as an expert witness (claimant, defence and SJE) in ABI cases.


The past 9 years have been spent building up Neural Pathways (part of the Active Assistance group) – an interdisciplinary community Neurorehabilitation company with teams in the North East and Yorkshire and providing extensive rehab services to individuals with ABI. This of course entails working with many case managers and case management companies as well as a wide range of law firms. I believe case management makes a big difference to clients, families and the wider teams which become involved in such cases. I would like to think that I can give something back to case management as well as represent a wide variety of views and experiences of working alongside case managers


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